...Here is an Action-Packed Drama! FINALLY! A great if not genuine, competitor for Harry Potter, written from a far more distinct and realistic point of view. AMADA grew up with family and friends just like anyone else in America. Still, they never told him who he really is. Which is not good!  When things go wrong, and he is the last one standing; the boy is left to discover everything about the real world all by himself. And -- The Bad Guys Are Still After Him! Amada is a sensitive, clever boy; a Highly Reluctant Hero with a Really Funny "Slacker" Attitude and Guts! Like any anyone else, he just wants to be home with friends and family.  Unfortunately for him, he is not like anyone else. I Rarely read a review book more than once. I read this one twice, and my teenager;  disappeared for a week and says she is on her third read already. This book pulls you in, and leaves you excited to start the next chapter or, the next book hopefully. Everyone will be happy to know that race, creed, ethnicity, gender and origin mean nothing to AMADA! This Book is as diverse in characters, as it  is truly Family Friendly. AMADA is highly recommended...”    

-- James Barn: Publishers International